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The Farm

Welcome to our web site. Kick back and relax for a few minutes and we'll give you a tour of our ranch!

It all started in 1986. We set out to look for a way to maintain and sustain our love for the rural agriculture lifestyle. We had previous exposure to the American Buffalo and were fascinated by these creatures. A breakfast table discussion, followed by a few phone calls, got the ball rolling. Our first animals were on their way and would be on the farm within 10 days. How exciting!

From the moment of their arrival we never looked back. They had our hearts!

Since those first days we have had the privilege of getting to know these, as yet, unspoiled creatures. They are truly a breath from the past. We spent the next years learning the distinct nature of buffalo and watching our herd grow. If you talk with any buffalo rancher you will hear much the same story. With these creatures it is a live-and-learn project. We've made all of the novice mistakes. Most of the true wisdom has come through trial and error. (The stories we could tell!) Very seldom is a rancher able to mold these animals to his operation. More likely this magnificent creature winds up molding the rancher!

Ten years into our relationship with these animals we came to a crossroads and had to decide if our operation was going to make the leap to a full time business. Without looking back we jumped in with both feet. Our commitment to these animals has grown to become a vital part of who we are. We are committed to maintaining the original genetics of these great animals. We strive to learn from previous cattlemen's mistakes and not change these animals into something they were never meant to be. We make every effort to keep balance. We want our herd to be of sufficient size to sustain itself and supply a quality product to our customers, yet small enough to enable us to know our animals individually, enabling us to facilitate breeding only those animals that exhibit the original unique characteristics of the American Buffalo.
John & Shawn McMartin
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